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After the Cataclysm of Heaven it all changed. Murdered gods fell from the sky, sundering the land and casting their sacred relics about the world. From the woodwork crawl Warcults, scavengers of god-relics to further their own twisted gains. The Eternal seek power over death itself. The Order of the Stars seek relics to unlock god-like omniscience. The Pale Druids imbibe relics to acquire power over nature itself. The Black Maw will create a new, hungrier god under their control. 

Dead Gods is a fast-paced skirmish game for 28mm fantasy models where players control Warcults to secure the sacred relics left behind by the Cataclysm. 

  • Everything you need to play is on a greeting-card sized set of rules
  • Designed for 3x3 or 2x2 tables - or any kitchen table
  • Dead Gods uses a small model count of 4-6 per side
  • Fast gameplay where activation bounces between players
  • Quick games mean you can play several in an evening
  • For fans of Mordheim and Frostgrave

"If you are looking for a fun game that can be played in less than one hour, is prepared in 5, inclusive list building and is easily scaled up for bigger fights, this is for you!" - customer review

For lore updates and more go to https://write.as/dead-gods/

The Dead Gods SRD can be found here https://write.as/dead-gods/srd

Find out more about Warcults here https://write.as/dead-gods/the-warcults

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AuthorTrollish Delver Games
Tagsfrostgrave, mordheim, skirmish, Tabletop, wargame


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