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SRD available at https://write.as/heartseeker/srd

Now includes an awesome character sheet by Francesco Zanieri!

A 2-page traditional fantasy adventure game based on the original from the 1970s. 

Inspired by games like OSE, Searchers of the Unknown and Holmes' blue book, Heartseeker has everything you need to play a classic fantasy campaign in just two pages. The game features:

  • A simple d20 system 
  • Five classes and 9 bloodlines
  • A simplified Vancian magic system 
  • All the rules needed to run a game
  • A short monster list
  • A creative commons license to create your own hacks

Find out more at https://write.as/heartseeker/

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
AuthorTrollish Delver Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdd, Fantasy, old-school, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game


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Question about converting the B/X Bestiary for use with Heartseeker. AC seems straight forward, B/X uses Descending AC, this is Ascending so just subtract the B/X AC from 20 and call it a day (B/X Goblin is AC 6, you have AC 14 so this seems right)
Converting the Save line is what's throwing me off though. Using the B/X Goblin we have D14 W15 P16 B17 S18 (NH), whereas Heartseeker has P11 M8 A10 for its Goblin and I'm honestly not sure how to arrive at that.


Partially  colored the character sheet and increased contrast for legibility, looks great printed 4 sheets to a page. Enjoy everyone.


Excellent game! I ran an old AD&D one-shot with it and new and old players loved it. Highly recommended!

Thanks so much. I'm glad everyone had fun!


it would be nice to make a Jam for this game


Very tight writing, covers almost all my wants and questions. I kind of feel the mages are getting short shift but have to see how it works out in play. Will probably use a variant of this for a short campiagn I'm working on. I will post more when it happens. 


This game is a case study in concise writing. So brilliant. I felt my imagination spark as I read it! So much so that I published my own RPG content for the first time ever. I made a supplement for Heartseeker adding Bard and Barbarian classes to the game. These classes can be found here.


This is fabulous, runs great, is concise, and is laid out perfectly. Thank you for sharing this excellent game!

Thanks Matt


Just created a Druid class for this amazing game and am working on two more supplements as my play group is about to start a Heartseeker campaign! Thanks for creating this system Scott! 


out of curiosity, what fonts are used for Heartseeker. Thinking of making some supplements 

The fonts are Essays173 (body) and Blackletter (title)

I’m trying to find Blackletter but can’t seem to find it online anywhere. Do you have a link to download it?


I found one close, but not quite right...


this is such a great game! 


thank you!

For those who want a little more weapon diversity maybe give small/light weapons no modifier, medium weapons a +1, and large a +2.

Lovely idea

(1 edit) (+2)

Nice looking mini-rpg, it's inspiring to me! 

I have 2 questions:

First, have you thought of differentiating weapons somewhat more than looks and cost? I like that the class HD decides the damage, but I feel there is something lacking when comparing axes, swords, maces and staffs.

Second, what fonts are  you using in the document? I like it/them!



So the weapons are somewhat different, and some of that comes out during roleplay. 

  • The mace is a good weapon for a cleric since it's bludgeoning. No swords, axes or spears for the cleric
  • The staff doubles as a walking stick - you wouldn't deprive an old man of his staff? 
  • A sword is great, but if you ever want to chop wood out in the wilderness, you'll want an axe. 

The fonts are Essays173 (body) and Blackletter (title). I agree - I love them!

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Great work! I find myself more gravitated toward class-less systems, however, your brief, open, and straightforward approach is a great way to handle them. Also, really digging the additions of the simplified bloodlines and monster stat blocks.

Deleted post

Thanks James, I'm glad you had fun and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. On deadliness, absolutely meant to be a feature rather than a bug. I borrowed a guideline from Searchers of the Unknown where it's unlikely that a PC will actually "die" but more likely be knocked unconscious or captured, which makes things a lot more forgiving.

Deleted post

Love it! Any suggestions for how much xp to reward for slaying monsters? I have always struggled with that.

Also there looks to be an extra "a" in "Unaarmed" under Weapons. Although this may refer to being armed with an "Una" which I am totes cool with.


Thanks for this. I've just updated the doc with xp values for these monsters. These are based on the BX system of xp to HD.

Awesome! Cheers for that. I hadn't seen that system before, it's quite handy.


This is actually good. I like it.


Thank you!

You are welcome.